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      Fasteners are fastened and widely used for a class of mechanical parts. A wide range of fasteners can be found in a variety of machinery, equipment, vehicles, ships, railways, bridges, buildings, structures, tools, instruments, instruments and supplies. It is characterized by a variety of different specifications and performance of different uses and standardization, serialization, generalization of the species is also very high. Therefore, some people have the national standard of a class of fasteners known as the standard fasteners or referred to as standard parts.

Project Example ──Factory、 Building

Project contractor: Hang Xiao Steel Structure

Dongyangsett project and Brazil's fifth fertilizer plant project. Among them, 100,000 sets of american-made A325 bolt connection pairs are produced by Ningbo Zhongding High Strength Fastening Manufacture CO.,Ltd.

Project Example ──Road traffic

Project contractor: CRRC/ZhuZhou Times New Material

Thailand light rail, divided into blue, green, orange, red projects. Among them, the anti-drawing screws for the anti-drawing damping device are manufactured by Ningbo Zhongding High Strength Fastening Manufacture CO.,Ltd.

Jinhai bridge project, Chaoshan ring line Project, ZhengWan Chongqing Project, Dalu line project, Italian friction pendulum support project, South riverside project,Indonesia project.....